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 Technologies: Virtual Events

Your clients can extend the reach of their meetings and build intimate connections anywhere in the world with our powerful virtual event technology.

PSAV offers a suite of best-in-class virtual event services to meet the needs of globally connected organizations or someone just stuck in bad weather. Share information, regardless of location, and extend the return on investment of your customer's event. Whether the audience is one or a thousand, PSAV provides an interactive solution to create events with messages that reach farther and last longer. So whether you need high-definition event video conferencing, Webarchiving, audio conferencing, Webcasting or Web Conferencing, PSAV will help facilitate meetings where the exchange of ideas leads to real-world solutions. All it takes is Internet access and a call to PSAV.  

PathTM — Learning Management System

PSAV and Blue Sky Broadcast have partnered to offer an elegant approach to cloud-based content distribution. Path allows you to manage and sell your post-event media, such as conference sessions, e-learning presentations, recorded lectures and more, in an easy-to-use digital library.

  • Drive additional revenue
  • Convert live-meeting content into on-demand learning modules
  • Measure, analyze and optimize user behavior and content popularity
  • Assess, test and aware certifications and continuing education purposes
  • Simplify and upgrade media fulfillment models

Path is now available from the same great partner you trust for all your event technology needs. Enhance your attendees' experience long after your event and help generate additional revenue for your organization with Path.