Backdrop Pro Custom Scenic

Command Attendee Attention with a Backdrop fit for your Event.

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See how Backdrop Pro configures to your needs while providing a sleek surface for your messaging, brand and motion graphics.

Create an engaging environment with Backdrop Pro, a versatile, modular scenic solution providing a chic stage backdrop and screen surrounds for your messaging. Promote your brand with custom printing or produce a dynamic set that changes from presenter to presenter with projection mapping. Sleek. Dynamic. Backdrop Pro.

  • Lightweight Framing

    Lightweight Framing

    Condensed storage for portability and shipping

  • Structural Versatility

    Structural Versatility

    Pre-configured and custom designs for events of any size

  • Affordability


    Lower cost of labor, materials and shipping

  • Reusable Design

    Reusable Design

    Built for multiple uses

  • Simple Setup

    Simple Setup

    Tool-less assembly and tear down

Learn more about Backdrop Pro and how we can transform your next event.

Previously, the event planner only had two choices: pipe/drape or custom hard set.

Custom hard set is expensive, drape is too ordinary, and both are time-consuming to set up.

Now there is Backdrop Pro: a sleek, cost-effective alternative that is both modular and lightning quick to set up. Shape it, color it, project right onto it. Backdrop Pro is your canvas.

After your event, it all folds right up into a single suitcase. No more waste. Now we can bring your exact setup to your next event.

*Product availability may be limited by location.

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