Case Study: Be Bold

Extreme Networks Sales Week FY 20


After the rousing success of 2018 and 2019, Extreme Networks engaged Encore Global Production Group for the third year in a row to bring their Annual Sales Kick-Off to new heights.

With several hundred attendees in office and 1,200 attendees spanning the globe, Extreme Networks stayed true to their event theme of Be Bold! – boldly trying a live webcast for the first time as a way to deliver company updates and training sessions to their salesforce.

Normally held in Las Vegas as a full face-to-face event, Encore was challenged with creating a fun environment that transformed the Extreme Networks’ office space in Salem, Massachusetts into a visually stimulating set while simultaneously hosting a webcast for a global audience that was interactive, stable, and visually compelling.


It was time for Extreme Networks and Encore to deliver. Every aspect of this event from production to speaker support was a hands-on, collaborative process between Extreme Networks and Encore.

Together, we:

  • Assessed needs within the context of the show
  • Discussed ideas and creative concepts
  • Worked with stakeholders to draft elements
  • Prepared, rehearsed, and delivered for online / stage!

In the office, the common area was transformed by Encore’s Global Production Group including scenic pieces that mirrored the event theme and decorative drape that creatively hid focal areas of architecture, all wrapped around a custom-built stage.


Engaging Content

Encore worked in partnership and collaboration to match their award-winning creative resources with Extreme Networks’ objectives and messaging to create memorable presentations for the live and virtual attendees alike. The Annual Sales Kick Off is a critical component to Extreme Networks’ success, and engagement is paramount.

Online Activities

Integrating interactive features including live polls, chat, and Q&A during and at the end of Extreme Networks’ virtual component helped to break down the barriers between audience and host. Encore was focused on creating a digital experience for attendees that were unable to join in person.

On-Demand Sessions

Alongside the virtual session activities, Encore hosted on-demand content via website portals as an alternative to live breakout sessions and delivered metrics to Extreme Networks’ leadership to capture full analytics regarding online attendee behavior.

Seamless Production

When planning events, Encore always thinks carefully about the experience and journey for different groups of people. The same process was used for Extreme Networks’ virtual audience. Planning carefully for continuous content during any periods when the conference is on a break, scheduling in interviews, and incorporating activities never left the online attendees looking at an empty room!


The event closed in excitement as Encore assisted Extreme Networks in recognizing more than 50 award winners. Encore rose to the occasion by creating a best practices template for winners to pre-record their own acceptance videos that were played during the awards show to allow winners an opportunity to be recognized and share helpful insights with their colleagues regarding how they reached their goals as they pertained to the meeting’s them of being bold.

Extreme Networks continues to work with Encore Global Production Group due to trust, candor, and the ability to understand a client’s vision for the attendee experience–both live and virtual – while bringing that vision to life in the most dynamic way possible.


“This was the most efficient, quickest, and entertaining awards show we’ve ever done for sales kickoff!”

“Thank you to Encore global production group for completely transforming our office space into a fun, different environment and for helping us bring a little Vegas to Salem.
This may have been our best sales week ever!”