Case Study: Global Virtual Events Day

When the World Pivoted to Digital — We Were Ready

In spring of 2020, the world faced an unprecedented situation. Countries on lock-down, stay-at-home orders in place and, for the meetings and events industry, the inability to gather.

Questions started to arise regarding the immediate need to take meetings virtual. To help industry professionals bridge the gap, PSAV and our family of companies produced a global webcast on April 2, 2020 featuring our team of experts. The team covered real-life applications and solutions to plan, produce, and promote a world-class virtual event from start to finish.

How It All Came Together

Many people think that planning a virtual event is a different ballgame – but the essence, purpose, and milestones of event experiences remain the same. The message of why you have an event doesn’t change.

And, just like any event, bringing people together with a full day of content doesn’t happen overnight. Multiple, cross-functional teams came together from around the world to bring their specialized services to the forefront including production services, technical support, content development, creative design, speaker coaching, and more.

For traditional roles and responsibilities, we changed the positioning of who did what.

Live to Virtual Changes

For traditional roles and responsibilities, we changed the positioning of who did what.

Live Event Producer
Virtual Event Producer
Stage Management
Virtual Stage Management
Project Management
Virtual Technical Direction
Scenic Concept & Design
Digital Environment Concept & Design

The Day Of

After weekly production calls, individual content reviews and coaching sessions with presenters, sound checks, and rehearsals, the day had finally arrived. The work flow was very similar to a live event flow.


Clicks Zoom Link

Technical Director

Grants speaker access to the virtual lobby.


Briefs speaker - gives warnings, standby & go once in live environment.


In virtual lobby, clicks JOIN BREAKOUT ROOM

Stage Manager

Gives technical director cue to bring speaker into live environment.

Post Presentation

Speaker brought back to the green room for producer briefing.

Here’s a look at what attendees experienced.


Platform displaying all switched sources for attendees (PPT, video, camera feed, interactivity)

Zoom Meeting #1

Green Room (breakout functionality) and Live Feed of Presenters

Zoom Meeting #2

Production/Technical Internal Communications


Q&A, Polling, Live Messages to Presenters