Case Study: Professional EDge

An Educational Webinar Series


As an organization, we strive to deliver relevant and engaging thought leadership content to our customers. But in a time when meeting planners and industry professionals are grounded by stay-at-home orders, how do we continue to provide that same value? And, at the same time, provide a lasting benefit to our industry?

Through cross-functional collaboration, commitment and leadership, our team quickly found creative ways to adapt and engage in this very fluid environment.


To stay connected and provide relevant content to our customers, we launched Professional EDge – a permanent platform for industry education. On April 7th, we kicked off our first 8-week webinar series.

The goals of this series were:

  • Deliver two interactive and educational sessions on a topic per week to help planners sharpen their skills; attendees could choose which session to attend based on their own schedules
  • Gain feedback on what challenges our customers face and develop future sessions around these areas
  • Become a resource for our customers to earn credit hours from the Events Industry Council

Each session was 45 minutes long and recorded for on-demand replay.

Technology Ways to Wow: Impactful Tech, Powerful Results

Maximize every opportunity to energize your audience with technology. In this session, discover innovative ideas to leverage technology for inspiring events regardless of your budget.

Todd Marinko, Group Vice President, PSAV

Unlocking Opportunities: Building Your Sponsorship Strategy

With a crowded event space, sponsors are having to make tough decisions on where they spend their marketing dollars. If organizers don’t have a strategy in place to help meet the marketing goals and objectives of their sponsors, they will soon see their revenue decrease. A multi-year strategy offers the opportunity for maximum revenue generation, creates loyal sponsors and, at the end of the day, deepens attendee engagement.

Meg Fasy, Principal, FazeFWD Sponsorship Marketing

Live from the Living Room: Connecting and Presenting Virtually

Presenting from home? Make sure you’re doing it like a pro. During this session, you’ll learn tips and tricks to optimize your Wi-Fi, develop an at-home studio, and never worry about a “spotty connection” again.

Alex Wedesky, Sr. Field Operations Manager, PSAV, Internet Services


Content for the series was delivered using Chime Live – a web-based platform that provides high quality video streaming. Chime Live uses a combination of Zoom and Livestream for broadcasting, but employs unique audience engagement tools, making it the right choice for this virtual experience.

By using Chime Live for Professional EDge, we were able to:

  • Allow participants to view presentations live and on-demand, and take notes directly in the platform
  • Give the audience an opportunity to ask questions and upvote their favorite ones
  • Increase interactivity with Polling, Word Clouds and Heatmaps
  • Capture feedback
  • Build in opportunities to network with chat and social features


Working weekly with the team from Chime Live on production calls, cue to cue and rehearsal, sound checks, and individual content rehearsals, our team practiced consistently to make sure the series went off without a hitch.

Just like a live event, our Virtual Stage Manager oversaw the entire production on the day-of, while the Chime Live team managed the feed, streams, and interactivity.


Clicks Zoom Link

Technical Director

Grants speaker access to the virtual lobby.


Briefs speaker - gives warnings, standby & go (once in live environment)

Technical Director

Grants speaker access to the virtual lobby.


800 Unique Views Per Session
Continuing education credits for attendees
8 Education topics to select from
All sessions available on-demand
Additional sessions added by popular demand