Event Intelligence

Smarter event planning

Experiences come in all shapes and sizes, and there are many ways to engage your audience and improve message retention. Events provide the chance to make a big impression, so it’s important to leverage research to inform creation of the most impactful experience possible.

Event Psychology & Research
Successful events don’t happen by accident. At PSAV, we develop research to gain greater industry understanding that feeds design evolution to maximize experiences. Research about technology use helped us develop a set of best practices to make event technology a strong ally in the meeting-planning process. Data exploring the psychology of physical meeting environments allows us to use mindful event design and other elements to influence audiences’ minds and invoke the desired emotional response.

Bandwidth Calculator
Reliable internet connectivity is critical to the success of an event – for presentation productivity, attendee engagement and guest convenience. We’ve developed a tool to help you understand your internet needs so you can make informed decisions. Ensure your attendees, and especially your VIPs and speakers, stay connected throughout the event. Use the award-winning Bandwidth Calculator to determine your event’s online capacity needs.