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We understand attendees and utilize technology for the greatest impact

PSAV knows how to make your events leave a lasting positive impression on your attendees.

We are experts at understanding adult learning processes and the effects sights, sounds, and meeting environments have on attendees. We have the experience of managing thousands of events each week. And, PSAV proudly sponsors industry research and regularly pioneers the use of new event technologies. We understand attendees and will help you deliver an effective meeting that will create lasting memories and keep them coming back.

The Year of Imagination

Ask yourself “what if?” and you’ll discover the power to change the world. In association with the IMEX Group, PSAV sponsored the development of “The Year of Imagination: 15 Stories to Inspire Your Next Event.” This industry whitepaper champions the power of imagination as a uniquely human attribute, and identifies three key areas to demonstrate the idea: diversity and inclusivity, transformation and collaboration, and sustainability. Learn how planners are putting these concepts into action.


The Year of Imagination

Purposeful meetings

In partnership with the Worldwide Exhibition for Incentive Travel, Meetings and Events (IMEX) and several industry experts, PSAV sponsored the development of an industry whitepaper: “Purposeful Meetings: How to plan with deeper meaning, innovation and insight in mind”. The research centers on five key elements of a meeting experience that impact human behavior and how to leverage them: Behavioral Science, Health & Well-Being, Event Design, Social Responsibility and Technology.


Purposeful Meetings Infographic

Moving meeting minds

A great meeting is the result of many factors that combine to produce particular experiences for attendees. Sensory-rich environments engage the brain, facilitate learning, enlivens senses, and creates an enhanced meeting experience. Learn more about how audio, visual, and other environmental inputs impacts how the brain processes information, how we learn, and how memory works.

PSAV commissioned BrainStrength Systems to explore the effects of sensory inputs on the brain. Neuroscience has revealed ways to optimize the use of audio and visual technology to enhance learning and event experiences.


Moving Meeting Minds

Mindful event design

Creating a positive, lasting, and inspiring event experience requires careful planning and effort. Every aspect of an event's design–from physical structure to lighting–influences attendee experience. While logistic and brand reinforcement are important considerations, satisfying human needs first empowers all participants to achieve the goals that brought them to the event in the first place.

PSAV partnered with BrainStrength Systems and Janet Sperstad, CMP, to develop an insightful report and related visual.


Cognitive Event Spaces

Digital ecosystems

In conjunction with Meeting Professionals International (MPI), PSAV sponsored the collection and analysis of planner-driven data by the Interactive Meeting Technology (IMT) on the state of technology adoption in today's meetings and events. Based on the data, IMT created a set of best practices that can help make event technology an effective ally in the meeting-planning process.


The 7 Tech Touchstones of Event Planning

The PSAV team was so focused on our success that we didn't have the nervousness as meeting planners.  It's a team that cares about your success, understands you, and goes that extra mile.  They were amazing and I will always be grateful.

Kelly Peacy, CAE, CMP
Founder and CEO
Insight Event Strategy, LLC