LED Video Wall


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See the stunning impact millions of little LED lights can have on your event.

Meet the new standard in live event video. Vibrant colors, versatile designs, affordable technology — LED video walls are a giant leap ahead of traditional video projection.

Industry research shows large images command greater attention and increase retention. With flexible video panels larger than 50 square meters available, an LED wall displays your content with maximum impact.

  • Superior Image Quality

    Superior Image Quality

    Brighter, richer picture than standard projectors

  • Space Efficient

    Space Efficient

    More room for attendees and other event elements

  • Clear Picture

    Clear Picture

    Quick and simple to increase clarity in any environment

  • Colorful Impact

    Colorful Impact

    Capable of producing 200 trillion vivid, vibrant colors

  • Easily Configurable

    Easily Configurable

    Flexible display designs to fit any room or design

  • Audience Engagement

    Audience Engagement

    Breathtaking visuals encourage engagement and increase retention

Learn how a large LED display can fit any event.

Your content is brilliant. It should appear that way on screen. LED walls showcase your brand and event messaging bright, high-contrast color and clear picture. Your audience won't have to strain to see your content. They can instead absorb your event information and enjoy the show.

Shape it. Curve it. Scale it. You can build an LED video wall to match your event aesthetic and fit in your venue — no matter the size. Save the extra space for additional guests or for building the ambiance with environmental enhancements.

*Product availability may be limited by location.

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