Global Meetings Industry Day

About Global Meetings Industry Day (GMID)

On April 4, 2019, GMID brought leaders together from across the industry to showcase the impact that meetings, conferences, conventions, and trade shows have on people, businesses and communities. Meeting professionals around the world participated in this day of advocacy, led by the Meetings Mean Business Coalition.

Celebrate GMID!

PSAV has partnered with Meetings Mean Business, EIC, MPI, and PCMA to support these international events. From the smallest gathering to large conventions, we believe that meetings and events do matter. Only when we bring people together, connecting and inspiring them, can we create the potential for extraordinary things to happen.

We invite you to view and share our video below on your social channels using #GMID19 and #PSAV. If you made it out to a live GMID event, be sure to tag us in your photos!

Check out our video from 2018 here.