Big-Impact Solutions for Small Meetings

Maximize engagement and productivity with the right environment

Big things happen in small meetings. CEOs plan product launches, boards discuss major mergers and associations chart the course for their organizations. Improve collaboration, spur brainstorming and encourage collaboration with the right tools.

  • ClickShare

    This unique, wireless presentation solution encourages collaboration while maximizing meeting efficiency. No more worrying about fumbling between laptops and plugs. ClickShare enables multiple presenters to seamlessly share device content with just the click of a button. Instead of passing the cable, your meeting can press on without interruption.

  • Power Center

    A small tabletop power center provides a simple, convenient way for attendees to charge devices during meetings.

  • Lightitude™

    Stimulate attendee focus and energy with changing color enhancements. Using a simple remote, our exclusive Lightitude lighting presentation kit helps you leverage color psychology to create a more effective meeting experience.

  • Small Meetings Package

    We'll ensure your attendees receive all the key resources and support to create an engaging, successful meeting using our Essential Meeting Package.

  • Page

    Page is an in-room device ideal for managing multiple meeting rooms and sessions simultaneously.  Whether it’s standing room only in breakout A, too chilly in Room B, or whatever might come up, simply tap the Page screen to quickly get the right assistance to the right place…so meetings stay on track.

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