Attendee Event Essentials

Show your attendees you planned the event with their comfort in mind

Your audience is always at the forefront of your planning, but before you plan the "wow" moments, ensure your event meets their basic expectations first.

Core Solutions for Every Event

  • Sound System

    Quality audio is critical to the success of any event. Ensure your message transmits loud and clear with professional grade sound equipment, including a full range of microphones, mixers, speaker systems and recording solutions.

  • Lighting

    Take control of your event environment and maximize attendee engagement with strategic lighting. We design a custom lighting package to transform your venue and capture the attention of all your guests. Properly lit stages allow your presenter to be the focus while the use of color sets the desired tone.

  • Power Center

    A small tabletop power center provides a simple, convenient way for attendees to charge devices during meetings.

  • Plugii

    The battery-powered Plugii system keeps up to eight mobile devices charged simultaneously while on the go. Move locations, attend meetings, and go to lunch with a portable charging station.

  • Mobile Event App

    Printed packets waste paper and time, and attendees don't want to carry them anyway. Instead, provide event information and push notifications on participants' mobile devices. We will help you design a mobile app that reinforces your brand and enables interaction with attendees and presenters in real time.

Some of the things that are in development for PSAV are groundbreaking.  You don't see other companies being that forward-thinking and proactive in making the experience of the event planner better.

Robin Preston
PSAV Customer Advisory Board