Affordable Impact

Cost-effective technologies that make a big impact

You don't need a big budget to make a big impact. Get the most bang for your buck with affordable technologies that set the tone, command attention and engage the audience.

Low-Cost, High-Impact Event Elements

  • Haze Effects

    Maximize the impact of lighting during your event by using haze or fog machines to accentuate the beams of light.

  • Gobos

    Create dramatic lighting effects on dance floors, stages, sidewalks, walls, ceilings, buildings or even water! We will help you create an illuminated masterpiece by projecting nearly any design, logo, message or name with the use of gobo lighting stencils.

  • Modular Scenic

    A beautiful setting captivates, improves engagement, and helps create a lasting memory. Our wide variety of custom scenic solutions and configurations will add depth and energy to your event.

  • Lightitude™

    Stimulate attendee focus and energy with changing color enhancements. Using a simple remote, our exclusive Lightitude lighting presentation kit helps you leverage color psychology to create a more effective meeting experience.

  • Drapery

    Make a great first impression by dressing up your event with decorative drape. Scenic drapery, paired with lights, themed fiber optics and projected images, will transform an ordinary room into and extraordinary gathering.

Some of the things that are in development for PSAV are groundbreaking.  You don't see other companies being that forward-thinking and proactive in making the experience of the event planner better.

Robin Preston
PSAV Customer Advisory Board