Professional Grade Audio Equipment

High-end Audio Solutions for Crystal Clear Sound

The success of your event hinges on quality audio production. We'll develop a professional grade audio solution designed specifically for your venue, content and goals. With a wide selection of audio technologies and experienced technicians, you can rest assured your audience will hear every word and every note.

  • Recording

    Don't miss the opportunity to capture a live event with quality video. We have decades of experience producing professional recordings so you can share the experience after the event is over.

  • Catchbox

    Integrate custom logos and messaging onto the world's first soft wireless microphone (that you can throw into an audience to kick-start a discussion).

  • Necklace Microphone

    Our convenient and professional microphone solution is hands-free and works with any attire. The d:screet™ necklace microphone lets presenters move freely and keeps the audience focused on the message.

  • Sound System

    Quality audio is critical to the success of any event. Ensure your message transmits loud and clear with professional grade sound equipment, including a full range of microphones, mixers, speaker systems and recording solutions.

  • PSAV Music

    Set the tone for your meeting, reception, wedding, or gala with the right music at the right time. Elevate your attendee experience with PSAV Music – over 300 custom curated and licensed music playlists specifically designed to enhance the mood at your event

If I were looking for a cutting-edge piece of technology for my event, I would look to PSAV first.

Kelly Peacy, CAE, CMP
Founder and CEO
Insight Event Strategy, LLC