Video Technology

Video options to bring your story to life

Most human learning originating from sight, impactful graphics, powerful videos and imagery increases understanding and retention of key themes and creates long-lasting connections. From HD monitors and projectors to recording and virtual streaming, we provide the best way to tell your story.

  • Projection Mapping

    Projecting images or videos onto flat or 3-D surfaces will quickly and cost-effectively transform your event. Mapping is an efficient way to set your sessions apart while improving retention and delivering content in a unique and engaging way. Quickly transform the look and feel of the event space during speaker transitions, from morning to afternoon sessions, or during social events.

  • Super Widescreen

    Command attention and increase audience retention with immersive Super widescreens.

  • Digital Lecterns

    Create an impactful presentation and a comfortable place for your speaker.

  • Social Wall

    Create a hashtag for your event, then display aggregated and curated content live from multiple social media platforms (Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and more). Your custom display will grab attention and encourage sharing.

  • Interactive Video Wall

    Engage your audience with advanced touch-screen technology through our Interactive Video Wall. This feature provides the opportunity for innovative sponsorships, key meeting content, and heightened audience engagement to increase attendee interest and retention.

  • Digital Signage

    Digital signs let attendees explore and interact with relevant conference information that can be updated in real time.

  • Recording

    Don't miss the opportunity to capture a live event with quality video. We have decades of experience producing professional recordings so you can share the experience after the event is over.

  • ClickShare

    This unique, wireless presentation solution encourages collaboration while maximizing meeting efficiency. No more worrying about fumbling between laptops and plugs. ClickShare enables multiple presenters to seamlessly share device content with just the click of a button. Instead of passing the cable, your meeting can press on without interruption.

  • Video and Projection

    Visual content enhances any important message and increases retention. PSAV provides a comprehensive range of video and projection technologies, including large-format, high-definition projection, boardroom-style projectors, high-quality LED displays, and digital capture and playback solutions.

If I were looking for a cutting-edge piece of technology for my event, I would look to PSAV first.

Kelly Peacy, CAE, CMP
Founder and CEO
Insight Event Strategy, LLC