Event Internet

Keep attendees and presenters connected to the fast, reliable internet they expect

From keynote speeches with video presentations to attendees accessing the event app to VIPs checking email, your event hinges on internet connectivity. Partner with our team of network services specialists to ensure a seamless internet experience for all.

  • Internet Consulting

    Now more than ever, an event's success depends on optimal internet bandwidth. Whether it's attendees checking email, presenters polling an audience in real time, or live streaming a presentation, our Internet and Network Services team will ensure a seamless internet experience for you and your guests.

  • Internet

    Successful internet for events requires detailed planning and technical knowhow to effectively bring those details to life. PSAV Internet Services provides all the on-site resources you need for a comprehensive solution for the entire venue, including sales and support, issue resolution and network development. More than ever, the success of an event depends on fast, reliable and secure internet. We will help you ensure your attendees, and especially your VIPs and speakers, stay connected throughout their event experience.

Shared vs Dedicated Bandwidth

Ever wondered what the difference was and when to choose each one?  Check out our video that explains it all:

Shared vs Dedicated Bandwidth from PSAV on Vimeo.

PSAV's product is not just the innovation and technology, but it's also the human element.  People want that 'wow' effect, and we know we can get anything from PSAV as one of the leaders in the industry.

Kimberly de Tessan
Director of Events
Grand Hyatt Denver