Virtual and Hybrid Events

Whether it’s due to global travel restrictions or personal circumstances, the need to take your meeting digital has become a reality. Having a specialized team that enables you to keep meeting objectives on track is critical to the success of your event. PSAV can help the show go on even if a key presenter or some of the attendees are unable to attend in person. Our solutions help you stay connected today without losing audience engagement and interaction. In fact, virtual and hybrid events offer many benefits including sponsorship opportunities and the increased ability for audience engagement.

Committed to Engagement

It’s a challenge to create audience engagement at an in-person event, but when you pivot the experience to a virtual setting, you’re suddenly competing with distractions that are only a click away. Enticing social news feeds, demanding inboxes, and alluring online shopping create an easily accessible temptation for your remote audience. This does not mean you have to settle for low engagement when hosting online events. We can help!

Technical and Production Expertise

In a virtual environment, it can feel like your event’s success relies solely on the technology you use to produce it. This priority shift can lead you to look for ways to alleviate technical challenges and ensure a reliable experience. Whether your presenter is remote or live on stage, delivering a streamlined and technically well-executed message has always remained our top priority. To help in this initiative, PSAV has created technical and production standards built from years of experience and a foundation of best practices to ensure stability and consistency in virtual and hybrid events.

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