Managed Webinar

The High-Definition Livestream Event

Interactive conversations over great distances has never been easier. Keep the conversation flowing and deliver a polished, high-definition livestream event to large audiences.

Managed Webinar Packages


  • Up to 8 hours
  • Up to 500 participants
  • Dedicated tech support
  • Password protection & Lobby available

The webinar meeting package is great for a quick meeting for up to 500 participants where an interactive conversation is needed. The dedicated webinar specialist will ensure the meeting is secured and everyone gets connected. Participants with distracting background noise will be muted.


  • Up to 8 hours
  • Up to 10 presenters or panelists
  • Up to 3,000 viewers
  • Dedicated tech and production support
  • Recorded

The conference package is ideal when a group of presenters or panelists need to get their message out to a large audience. Presenters are moved on and off the “stage” according to the schedule, or panelists will be able to all participate together. A stage manager ensures the meeting flows smoothly while the webinar specialist handles the technical needs. The meeting can be recorded and delivered as an mp4 following the conference.

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